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Window Masking
By Larry Meyer
You ever cut that window of the sprue only to have that nick where the sprue was ? well lets learn how to minimize that problem

Photo #1 ---you can see the large plastic stud on the glass. If I didn't remove it like I did with my motor tool, it could have been a big dent in my glass .
Photo #2 --- this glass is the same as photo #1. You can see how I cut the edges at a 45* angle to fit flush on the models window frame. I like to use 5 min. epoxy to glue my glass. You only need a few drops to get a tight fit & dry’s clear. If you use this system to mount your air duct hoses then it will not come off when you work with it when glued on.
Photo #3 ---here  we see how to paint the black border around the window. Use masking tape to mask the window edges. Be sure the tape is on good & tight so it wont bleed thru. I use testor’s flat black with a brush. When I remove the tape I wont have any bleed thru and clean sharp lines.