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Build Your Own Tires
Larry Meyer

This tip will show how easy it is to take those plain tires that come with the kit & make them look realistic. As you see in photo 1 I use a dremel  tool that has been modified to hold the tire, Then starting with the coursest grit first and working your way up to the finest sand down your tire. Remember to take it slow . A lot of the newer tires dont have the molded goodyear on the sidewall so you wont have to worry with  removing the goodyear on the sidewall.
Okay now after the tire has been sanded time to apply decals. I recommend either SLIXX tire decals or FRED CADY,& always use SOLVASET decal solution to melt the decal to the tire.
After the solution is dry lay a coat of TESTORS lacquer clear over the tires & decals, when dry spray 2 coats of TESTORS dull coat & let sit over night.(do not use enamel will not dry)
Okay your done. Know you know how easy it is to build great looking tires.
material list :
testors dull coat pn#1260
testors gloss coat pn#1261
slixx tire decal sheet
solvaset decal solution