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Rusty Wallace's #2 Miller Taurus
built by:Eddie Bass

This is a platinum plated Racing Champions Ford Taurus that I reworked to represent Rusty Wallace's 1999 Brickyard 400 entry. This was not as easy as you think,reason, you 1st have to prep the body without harming the plate work which is a skill in itself. Just ask my wife how many scrap bodies I have laying in the corner. Now that i have mastered this prep stuff the rest is just like working with plastic, apply the decals by reference pictures, then melt them to the body with a good decal solution. This way you can Wax, on the body all day and wont harm the decals and yes fingerprints are a problem with a chrome car (-: This car turned out very well and I will be doin more diecast in the future so look for new diecast additions coming soon.

Taurus was left platinum for display purpose

Miller logo on hood was very tricky due to hood cowl